ASK Fitness
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About Us

ASK Fitness is Minot’s largest 24-hour gym. ASK is a locally owned and operated gym that has been in business for since 2005! ASK offers a wide variety of amenities such as personal training, tanning, hydromassage, and so much more! We also offer Sports specific athletic training year-round! If you’re serious about health and fitness, just ASK!

ASK Fitness Facility

We are a full-service facility where our staff is committed to helping you meet your individual fitness goals. Our knowledgeable staff of exercise specialists and healthcare professionals give you the one-on-one personal attention you deserve in the friendly, professional atmosphere you expect.

We have 20,000 square feet of space dedicated to fitness, with a newly remodeled expansion. You will not feel boxed-in with over 5 specialty fitness areas and equipment to meet your needs. Inside our facility you will find not only a fitness center, but tanning rooms, a hydromassage bed, and locker rooms.

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How ASK Came to Be

Starting as a mobile sports training business by Jay Lundeen, the ASK facility grew quickly over five years, and before we knew it we had two crews traveling from school to school helping athletes improve their performance. The company kept developing their model of helping athletes become more developed and improving performance. As ASK has continued to grow and develop, we’ve added additional cutting-edge sports training equipment, perfected our performance enhancing training programs and added a full-service fitness center rivaling all other facilities in the area. We continue to invest in more space and equipment to help our athletes attain their goals. ASK Fitness and Performance uses passion to fuel our future in helping clients reach their optimum fitness level.

How We Train                                                

At ASK Fitness & Performance our staff is committed to helping you meet your individual goals. Our intensive, individualized sports specific training programs and state of the art, proprietary equipment give athletes a competitive advantage at every level. ASK is a proud member of Athletic Republic and focuses on intelligent, science-based methods that propel our athletes from the bench to the field, from freshman to varsity squads, from high school to college and from college to the professionals.

When an athlete walks through our doors, they walk into our world, where maximizing athletic potential is our anthem. Our trainers have the sports science knowledge to improve athleticism safely and effectively. We assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a training program like no other—one that is tailored specifically for you—in an environment that can’t be found anywhere else. We train you to move better, faster, be more stable and be in the best possible condition for your sport. By creating a training environment that allows us to safely take you beyond what you can normally do, your body responds quickly, and the improvements are solid and long lasting.