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Athlete Testimonials

Leelee Bell 

(MHS Standout, Div. 1 Power 5 Prospect)

Ask has helped improve me and prevent me from getting injured. I used to get hurt a lot playing basketball when I battled bigger girls in the post, but ever since I started training there Ive gotten stronger, faster, and more athletic. The trainers are hard on you but they are just pushing us to be better athletes they know what they can get out of us to excel!

Grant Schaefer 

University of Omaha Swimmer (MHS Graduate)

ASK stressed the importance of hard work and discipline. Each day I left the gym in a full sweat, knowing I got the most out of myself during that workout. Then, the staff made sure I took care of my body and recover to repeat the process over again. ASK also introduced me to movements that emphasized explosiveness.  I then noticed the quick twitch a developed made a big difference in my athletic performance. Most importantly, I enjoyed my time at ASK. The staff made working out and training a fun activity that I would look forward to instead of dread.

Jett Lundeen

(Bishop Ryan Standout 3 Sport Athlete)

ASK over the years has really grown me as an athlete but also taught me valuable lessons. ASK has helped me to become a better athlete and provide me with a more devolved body for competing. The trainers at ask have pushed me to different limits and believed in me more than I believe in myself. ASK has also taught me the ethic of discipline. Being able to come in day in and day out and get 1% better has truly separated me from competition. I am truly grateful for being able to workout at Ask and look forward to the grind ahead!

Maggie Fricke 

(MHS Girls Basketball Standout/Div. 1 Prospect)

ASK has helped me in many ways for my athletic performance. I can see improvement when we do testing. Weight training every week I see I am going up in weights which is making me stronger . When it comes to the treadmill program it is boosting my speed on the court. As I play basketball and I can see me being able to go through my defenders stronger and to get past them with my speed! 

Drew Zwak 

State Runner up, Standout Wrestler for Bishop Ryan, 3 Sport Athlete 

The trainers at ASK Performance and Fitness have helped me improve my speed, endurance, strength and mental toughness over the past 4 years. They were always available to help me get in extra workouts between seasons. They also offered suggestions for healthy eating healthy for each sport. I attribute my success in football, wrestling and baseball to the work that Craig, Liam, Pat, Ben, Robert and many other trainers at ASK put into local athletes. Thanks for pushing me to keep grinding everyday! 

Ramsey Walz 

Bishop Ryan (Div. 1 Basketball Prospect) 

ASK Fitness has been a big part of my success on the court and on the field. They have pushed me to my limits and beyond. Something unique about ASK is their extra support in attending my sporting events. I am super grateful for their investment in me. 

Brasen Bosser 

Fargo Force (United States Hockey League/Div. 1 Prospect)

I can confidently say that in my 10 year experience at ASK, nothing has been short of exceptional. As an athlete, I have trained in various gyms over the years, but this one truly stands out. The state-of-the-art facilities, expert trainers, and supportive community have elevated my performance as an athlete. Whether it’s the top-notch equipment or the motivating atmosphere, I always look forward to my workouts here. ASK is not just a gym; it’s a place where athletes like me can thrive and reach their full potential. I am grateful to be a part of this fitness family.

Collin Knorr 

(NDSU Football)

ASK fitness has been a key part in my athletic competitiveness and growth over the years. Craig Kraft as well as all of the other training staff do a great job of pushing athletes to the next level in their sport. Being able to go in and get challenged and coached has helped me achieve my personal athletic goals, as well as simply making me faster, stronger and quicker. Over periods of training at ASK, I’ve seen noticeable improvements in speed and agility and overall weight moved on the bar. The training staff always does a great job pushing me past where I thought my limits were. The off season work I would put in at ASK helped translate directly onto the football field for me, allowing me to become more competitive and achieve more in my favorite sport.