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Success Stories

We pride ourselves in providing top quality training and techniques specifically designed to each individual we train with. Our custom built training program provides you with the exact right amount of exercise to meet your weight and muscle building goals.

Tia Blanchard
I stayed home and raised our beautiful children for nearly 8 years. As the years went by, I began to notice I had let my health slip away as well. I was tipping the scale at 275lbs and couldn't even play with my kids on the floor because it was so hard to get back up. After having our final baby, I decided to make a complete lifestyle change. I began walking, and then group fitness classes, and eventually some weight training. When I came to ASK, I still had about 60 more pounds to lose. That is where I fell in love with Crossfit, began my journey to get my 200hr RYT Yoga Certification, and began doing some personal training with Samantha! ASK immediately became a second home for me. With the nutrition advice and encouragement from the staff and members at ASK, I am down 105lbs and still am working toward more goals and milestones!
Colton Razo
The pictures show is a difference of about 65lbs and 18 months. The picture on the left is me at about 310-315lbs and the pictures on the right are me at my current weight of 250lbs. I was expected to maintain a certain weight due to sports but once that came to an end I realized I could no longer justify carrying around that much weight nor did I want to. This is also around the time that I began to help with the kinetics program at ASK and knew I needed to make a change if I wanted to be taken seriously in the field that I was going to school for being fitness. There was no magic pill, special workout routine, or secret powder that got me to this point. This was a lot of hard work and self sacrifice but gave me credibility with the clients that I know serve and gives proof that it is possible. It's never easy making a lifestyle change like this but at ASK we get you going in the right direction.
Chad Sickles
When a person goes through life and wants something, the only thing they can do is take it. This is done by taking the proper steps and precautions when doing so. In my fitness journey one of the steps I took was to join ask fitness, from the awesome staff to the well maintained equipment, ask was the perfect environment for me to reach my full potential. If a person is looking to better themselves their first step should be to join the ask fitness community.
Angie Rostad
Felix Patino