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ASK Kinetics Programs

Fall Kinetics Classes Begin September 1st!

Our Fall Kinetics Classes are beginning soon. Click on the button below to register your child (or yourself) today!

About our Kinetics Programs
Our Acceleration Programs are specifically designed for athletes based on the seasonal demand, taking in consideration the athlete's profile (i.e. sport, gender, skill development, and availability). Our performance coaches focus on training designed for skill development in a particular area of concentration. We focus on performance enhancing training for wrestling, golf, track and volleyball. Primary sports training programs are also offered for basketball, baseball, softball and football, as well as:

ASK Swim
Trainers work with swimmers to increase their speed and stamina to cut times and increase performance.

Youth Acceleration
Sports training for athletes as young as 8 years of age. Our trainers focus on youth development and gait mechanics.