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Specialty Equipment

Specialized Equipment Information

Specialty Equipment
An individualized strength training program is developed for each athlete participating in the ASK Training Programs. We utilize our specifically designed treadmills and strength training equipment to optimize training techniques and provide the utmost safety while training. Strength training builds a proper strength base for our performance enhancement programs. Each program will utilize specific areas in our facility to help you reach your optimum performance level.

Generation II Super Treadmill
This specialized treadmill provides a speed range up to 28 miles per hour and is capable of an incline up to 40 percent and decline to 10 percent. Raised and lowered hydraulically, these unique treadmills are designed to help athletes improve their speed and stride length while reducing force at the knee upon foot strike.

Hockey Treadmill
Hockey players from youth to professional levels are improving their speed, conditioning and skating mechanics on our patented skating treadmill. Our exclusive hockey treadmill tilts from zero to 32 percent elevation and runs at speeds over 16 miles per hour, improving a hockey player’s abilities, analyzing a player’s mechanics and correcting skating flaws. In addition, our hockey treadmill gives hockey players the ability to train in a performance-controlled environment with their own equipment, including skates!

Plyo Press
The Plyo Press is a machine designed for the distinctive combination of leg strength training and plyometrics. This device helps athletes achieve the unique benefit of building strength in ways that also benefit speed. It is much more effective than other lower extremity strengthening exercises such as squats and leg press devices, as the greatest muscle activity happens in dynamic exercise such as jumping. Injured athletes benefit from this machine as it allows them to start their rehabilitation and range of motion exercises before they are fully weight bearing.

The 3PQ, or “Plyo Press Power Quotient”, was created to measure an athlete’s lower extremity power accurately and reliably in a controlled jumping environment. This technology allows data to be transmitted directly to the athlete database where it records power output on each jump.

Pro MultiHip
The Pro MultiHip is a lower extremity exercise device for hip flexion or extension exercises, as well as abduction and adduction exercises. It can function as a very high intensity, high loading exercise machine for healthy athletes and as a very low intensity, low loading station for rehabilitation of both the hip girdle and lower extremity.

Plyo Platform
Our multilayered Plyo Platform brings safety and state-of-the-art technique to plyometric jump exercises. With the Plyo Platform, athletes develop keen body awareness, strength, agility and fast response rates. Contact sport athletes can quickly out-maneuver competitors. Others can respond instantly to ball location, changing field conditions and competitor positions.

Cord Technology
Our Cord Programs implement the use of various resistance cords for sport specific training. Cord Technology enhances your workouts by providing resistance to upper and lower body extremities, building more powerful motions for sprinting, jumping, kicking, throwing, hitting, swinging or other sport specific motions.

The SprintCords are patented, lower extremity, resistance-training cords implemented during running or hockey program sessions and during floor work. Athletes can build powerful motions for sprinting, jumping, skating, kicking or other sport specific motion.

The PowerCord is a patented training aid that utilizes cords to provide upper extremity resistance to the arms, trunk and shoulders for better movements in sports such as hockey, basketball, volleyball and baseball/softball.

To improve throwing velocity, we combine our training protocol with the patented ThrowingCord, manipulating the neuromuscular system and developing strength and mechanics specific to throwing a baseball, softball, football or even a javelin.

This equipment recruits all muscles involved in swinging a bat, a golf club or a tennis racquet to develop greater swing speed and hip rotation. Players from the youth to professional levels are using this training technology to achieve excellent results for baseball, softball and golf.

Our patented KickingCord engages the specific recruitment of all muscles involved in kicking. The KickingCord also develops optimal kicking mechanics and concentric and eccentric strength, which contribute to a successful program with documented results in football kickers and punters as well as athletes in soccer and the martial arts.

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