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Martial Arts

Golden Dragon Martial Arts (Hwang Guen Yong Do) has been servicing the Minot and Minot Air Force Base Communities since the mid 1980’s. Specializing in Hapkido, our 5 Degree Black Belt, Anthony Denton, provides training to children, adults, elderly, handicap, military, and police.

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Kids Taekwondo

Have your child get trained by a 5th Degree Black Belt. Teaching strength and discipline to your child goes a long ways in every aspect of life.

Anthony Denton

Martial Arts Instructor

Instructor Denton Currently holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in American Traditional Hapkido, 3rd Degree Black Belt Golden Dragon TKD, Black Sash Hwang Guem Yong Do Kung Fu, 1st Don Black Belt Korean Kukkiwon TKD, as well as dabbled in other styles such as Copkido, KunTao-Silat, Kabudo, Kali/Escrima, Aido,Jujitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling and MMA.

GOLDEN DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS (Hwang Guem Yong Do) has been in Minot and MAFB area since the mid 80’s. Teaching children, adults, elderly, handicap, military, and police.

The Hapkido program is handed down from Grand Master Tim Engelbrecht, who adopted his masters Korean special forces work out for Hapkido.

The work out consist of breathing, stretching, kicks, hand strikes, break falls and techniques.
Instructor Denton and his family of 9 reside in Burlington, North Dakota. It’s a his mine and our style FamBAM!

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